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Delve Deeper Into the Country’s History at the Japanese American National Museum

May 4, 2016 9:02 am

The Japanese American National Museum has something for anyone who’s interested in learning more about Japanese-American culture and heritage. Exhibits have been known to range from Hello Kitty to an Oshogatsu Family Festival, the latter celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Sheep. An exhibit called Common Ground documented the Japanese-American immigrant experience through World War II.

Locals appreciate the museum experience here, and say the docents are knowledgeable and helpful in the guidance they offer to museum visitors. The Japanese American National Museum’s location in Little Tokyo makes it convenient to many local restaurants, and the parking lot across the street is affordable. Take advantage of the Japanese American National Museum’s many family-oriented activities, which include sing-alongs and storytelling.

Japanese American National Museum
100 N Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 625-0414

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How to Speed Through Household Cleaning Tasks

April 27, 2016 9:02 am

Whether you’re pressed for time before dinner guests arrive or simply overwhelmed with the amount of items on your to-do list, just about everyone could use some help when it comes to cleaning. Here are a few smart ways to help you speed through household cleaning tasks.

  • Work in a circle. Instead of attacking things in each room at random, make a plan to work in a circle. In the kitchen, that might mean wiping down the refrigerator and tossing out expired foods, giving the stove a good scrub, wiping down counter and tabletops, then loading the dishwasher last.
  • Start with the worst first. If you dread cleaning the bathroom or tidying up the bedroom, start with that room first. By getting the hardest part out of the way when you have the most energy, you’ll speed through the rest of your chores.
  • Take inventory while cleaning. If you notice that something doesn’t need to be cleaned, such as the already-spotless windows, then eliminate it from the list to save time. Unless it’s something requiring sanitization, like the toilet, there’s no shame in leaving it be.
  • Do a final sweep. Once you’re done with the major cleaning tasks, give your home a final sweep, putting everything in its right place and creating an organized look.

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Fire Drill

April 20, 2016 12:22 pm

We are conducting our Community Fire Drill tomorrow, 04/21/2016. All persons present in the building at the time of the drill are expected to participate, retail spaces and classrooms included. Make sure to bring your four-legged furry friends too!

What to expect during the fire drill?

During the drill, the alarm systems will be triggered as if it is a real world emergency. However, because this is only a drill, we will be evacuating a limited number of floors at a time. When you hear your floor called over the intercom system, calmly exit the building via the nearest stairway. Those on the first floor may exit the building via the nearest designated exit. Please note: the elevators will be in recall mode during the drill. You must use the stairs to exit the building*. There will be a floor warden on your floor directing you to the stairwells. Once you have exited the building, please assemble in the center of the park near the grouping of benches. Look for someone holding a flagpole with a black Windsor flag.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and active participation. If you have any limitation that will require assistance during the drill, please contact the Leasing Office in advance.

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